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Gazzeebo Customer Relationship Management and Contract Management Software

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Gazzeebo Customer Relationship and Contract Management Software
The Premier Web based Customer Relationship Management and Contract Management Software for the Window, Door and Conservatory Industry.

Gazzeebos feature rich Customer Management tools, shared Contract Management facility and bespoke reporting means that your work flow is linked together to provide efficiency and accountability.

Gazzeebo off the shelf package can be further tailored to fit your business model, improve workflow and automate daily tasks.

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Custom written and Standard reports

Say goodbye to unreliable information, get it from the source – Gazzeebo.

Custom written and Standard reports

Gazzeebo has over 30 standard reports – during the trial period you will have access to all of these reports. After the Trial, you will be able to choose which of these Reports to keep.

Imagine having instant access to the information you require:

  • Up-to-the-second sales figures
  • Salespersons Appointments
  • Leads by Lead Sources
  • Cash and Finance reports
  • Contracts with Outstanding Balances
  • Salesperson and Lead Takers commission

Custom Reports

Do you need to know how many of your Customers have Dog Flaps? Or which customers would benefit from follow up services?

  • Which of your Customers would benefit from your other products?
  • Automatically provide customer information to affiliates and third parties?
  • Which Leads have gone cold?
  • In fact, anything in your Gazzeebo Database can be reported on!>/li>

Report Automation

Do you waste time and resources creating Spreadsheets of Customer data, Getting Lead and Appointments to your Salespeople on time, Chasing Suppliers for late deliveries, Stock Checks, Keeping your Customers up to date with their Contracts and Appointments, Calculating the cost of Remedial work or Sending details to FENSA and other associations?

Gazzeebo can automate all of these processes, allowing your Staff to perform the job that they have been asked to do.

Using Email and SMS Texting you can have Standard and Customer reports send to your Inbox or Mobile Telephones at Scheduled times or as events occur.

  • Alert Salespeople of new Leads as they happen
  • Send Standard reports and generated Spreadsheets to your Outlook Inbox each morning
  • Send your Sales force their list of Appointments for the following Day
  • Send Third Parties and Affiliates list of customers at the end of the month
  • Generate lists of late deliveries each morning